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Fully Automatic All Electric Machine Suitable for producing PET Bottles/ Containers in all shapes up to 6000ml capacity with high speed production ranges from 3200BPH to 9000BPH with complete automation. It is widely used for mass production of PET Bottles for Carbonated Drinks/Mineral Water/Liquor/Juices/Oil and Cosmetic products.

Pet Plast India is a leading manufacturer of fully automatic pet blowing machines at affordable ranges. The machine comes with an automatic dual cavity, 4 cavities, 6 cavities and 8 Cavities for a plethora of requirements. The water bottle-making machine is a highly suitable option for blowing any sort of pure water bottle, fruit juice beverage bottle, beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, pharma bottles, amber pharma bottles and various other bottles. We bring the most advanced technology in the machinery with a microcomputer PLC control system which is Industry 4.0 Internet Ready Machine. It has revolutionized the PET bottle-making machine with a huge boost in performance and efficiency.

Pet Plast India is a recognized automatic blow molding machine maker company in India. Our offered machine range of 2-cavity, 4-cavity 6-cavity, and 8-cavity PET Blow Molding Machine is helpful in a diverse range of industries. These can offer maximum flexibility and customization in the blowing bottles catering to multiple needs and demands.

Why Choose Fully Automatic Plastic Bottles Blowing Machine?

Although there are plenty of benefits with the machine, we are mentioning core ones below:

Grade Raw Material: Our manufacturing facility is focused to bring pet blow molding machines of high-quality standards. We only use premium quality materials to deliver long-lasting flawless performance and minimal maintenance.

Practical Application:

Our fully automatic pet blow machines are practical functioning machinery. They have a plethora of applications with handy maintenance and performance. It performs well in multiple challenging scenarios to deliver a potent experience.


Our pet blow molding machine price is highly affordable and comes with complete installation and set up services. We aim to cut down the production cost to experience more enhanced profits.

Our machines are suitable for producing various types of PET, Jars, PP bottles, etc. The machine ranges are suitable for specific product

Salient Features

Technical Specification

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