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PET PLAST INDIA Introduces “FULLY AUTOMATIC SEMI ROTARY SERIES WITH SERVO TECHNOLOGY” Which optimizes overall cost of end product in packaging plants as it reduces the manpower requirement because of high degree of automation of machine.

Pet Plast India brings Most advanced Fully Automatic Semi Rotart  pet bottle stretch blow molding machines with Multiple Servo Technology. It is the most stable dual step Semi Rotary model for automated stretch and blows molding. The machine ranges from 4 cavities, 6 cavities and 8 cavities becoming easier to hold a sufficient volume of certain products. A PET bottle blowing machine works at the speed of 12500 bottles per hour per cavity. It can blow the bottles in certain shapes like carbonated Drinks, mineral water, Beverages, pesticide, Country Liquor, Wine, Soft Drinks etc. Other than this, the water bottle manufacturing machine is suitable for Pharmaceutical Amber Bottles too.

The global market of packaged water, juice, beverage, or liquid items is leading at the pace of speed. PET holds a prominent position as a considerable alternative to replacing glass in the market. The reason for this popularity is its impressive advantages like rugged, super lightweight, unbreakable, and high barrier properties. PET plastic curbs the transportation cost and these bottles are much more affordable than glass bottles. Pet Plast India is a leading provider of extraordinary PET plastic water bottle manufacturing machines for best-in-class packaging needs.

The fully automatic pet bottle blowing machine price in India and Across the World is cost-effective and durable to a certain extent. The machine provides enhanced physical properties like chemical resistance and toughness. PET bottle stretch blow molding machine ensures no breakage or nil leakage possibility during the entire shipping from factory to the customer. It can easily mold the bottles into a variety of shapes and sizes and can maintain product security. It can also improve the aesthetic appearance of the packaged product in the bottles. These are super recyclable that even ensure environmental safety.

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