Handfeed Automatic Pet
Blowing Machine

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Product Description

This Handfeed Automatic Pet Blowing Machine is a revolutionary development by Pet Plast India & catering to the entire pet blowing industry to a great extent. The highly precise workflow and cost-effective solution can deliver the Pet bottles for mineral water plants, juice plants, soft drink plants, and other packaging verticals. The servo-based plastic can-making machine makes sure to deliver the maximum production that too with a huge level of accuracy. Thus, the machine becomes a reliable choice to minimize errors and boost production scale. This Plastic Bottle Maker has been a proven game-changer for the competitive beverage industry with high-end bottles with minimum operational charges.

Pet Plast India is a leading pet bottle blowing machine manufaturer provider in India. The company has designed professional machines for special bottles, variously shaped bottles, small size bottles, regular chemical bottles, etc. These bottles have a wide variety of shapes and even come up with suitable applications. The pet blow plastics machine is ideal for creating multi-diameter bottles for a variety of purposes. It is not equipped with auto-functioning but a manual working process. It is the perfect choice for a reliable, low-cost, safe, and handy alternative to the old semi-automatic plastic blow machine. It has every necessary feature and functionality required to prepare the perfect plastic bottles.

The Automatic handfeed PET Blowing Machine hand feeding is one of the reliable choices in the plastic bottle industry. Having 2-cavity, 4-Cavity and 6-cavity hand-feeding options makes the blowing and output bottles a seamless procedure. Pet Plast India came up with this automatic blow molding machine design to deliver the ease of creating high-end water bottles, juice bottles, beverages bottles, country liquor bottles, jars, plastic cans, cosmetics bottles, multi-shaped containers, etc.

Salient Features

Technical Specification

ModelUnitHAE - 1000 (Bottle)HAE - 5000 (Jar)

HFS - 2CB1000

HF2C - J2000HFS - 4CB4000HFS - CB6000
Neck SizeMM19 - 2828 - 12028 - 4628 - 8328 - 4628 - 32
Volume CapacityML1000500010002000 (Jar)1000750
ProductionBPH1600200020002000 (Jar)42006000
Clamping ForceTON12.512.516161616
Working PressureBAR/CFM10/2210/2210/2010/2510/3610/40
Blowing PressureBAR/CFM25/4425/4830/5530/7030/11030/120
Total LoadKW242422403835
Running LoadKW141612202016