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Product Description

Manufaturing of  Semi Automatic Auto Drop Series These Machines are Suitable for high production of PET Bottles for Liquor / Mineral Water / Fruit Juice / Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics Industries etc. at low initial cost and with unskilled men power.

 Pet Plast India make plastic bottles for a wide range of industries. We have excellent trained staff and operate various production lines to produce in line with the highest standards. Being a leading pet bottle manufacturer, we use specialized machines to produce complete bottles at a single stage of production, from raw material to paint finishes, keeping in mind the core values of quality and safety. We have excellent quality control and delivery features. Customers are always satisfied with our product.

Pet Plast India is a foremost Semi-Automatic Auto Drop Series manufacturer of plastic packaging products in India. We have multiple lines of preformed and branded plastic packaging systems for various industries. One of our main business units is the Line Plastic, which is a pre-formed line for the plastic packaging industry that comes with full glass cleanliness system, a robust cleaning and sanitizing system and automatic handling equipment.

Our professionals also provide semi-automatic auto Drop Pet Blowing Machine. Our fully automatic plastic bottle making machine price is according to the market standards. It works on the drop principle which means that it hurls the material into air for further processing.

Leading Suppliers of Best Pet Blow Machine And Its Components

 The different molding machine which we manufacture, has been subjected to a quality and maintenance evaluation. It possesses documented performance record to display its reliability and functionality. Additionally, all these semi-automatic mold machines are verified before market launch. Not only that, but you can also make styling changes to the bottle after its foundering.

Our blowing machine price includes low electricity and maintenance. Our machines are capable of producing plastic jars of different types, shapes, sizes and also air tight and durable bottles. Different industries have already become our consumers because there is a huge scope of commercial benefits of such machines. As a reputed pet bottle manufacturer, we understand the huge need of bottles, jars and other containers used in plastic industry. We keep reinventing with time. As the technology grow, we eventually develop our techniques to make it more improved.

Pet Plast India molding machine manufacturing services also comes up with low power consumption and ideal separation facilities. Bio-based materials used in product supply in order to enhance the efficiency of packaging is provided to the customers. We created better quality solutions by combining our technical expertise, latest laboratory and test facility with significant knowledge in the business field.

Salient Features

Technical Specification

CavityPCS 244
Neck SizeMM25- 2825- 2825- 28
Volume CapacityML50 - 200050 - 200050 - 5000
ProductionBPH1200 - 15001600 - 2000600 - 2000
Clamping ForceTON161532
Working PressureBAR101010
Blowing PressureBAR303030
Required PowerKW141414
Consumption PowerKW121212