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Product Description

The tetra pack machine or Automatic Aseptic Cartons Bricks Filling Machine for packaging materials comes with high-end features, automation, aseptic, and stable performance. It is suitable for a variety of items like Country Liquor, Wine, juice, non carbonated drinks, yogurt, milk, etc. PET PLAST INDIA is a leading manufacturer of tetra packaging machines with high-end technological advancements. The machine can assist in finishing designing of the box, filling, shaping, and sealing in a single flow to make the packaged item ready for further processing. The tetra pack machine is highly suitable for Tetra Prisma Aseptic, tetra brick aseptic slimline, tetra brick aseptic square line, and tetra brick aseptic baseline.

Our aseptic technologies-driven tetra packaging machine keeps the packaged item safe, flavored, and nutritious for consumption. You can rely on it for safety for months without any need for preservation or refrigeration. PET PLAST INDIA brings these power-packed tetra packaging machines at affordable prices. We deliver the dedicated system with everything that you need to start packaging right after installation. We can even assist with the after-sales services as well as spare parts. Our advanced machine can also be used for dairy carton packaging and much more.

Salient Features

Project Details: 200ml, 5000 Cartons Per Hour

PET PLAST INDIA, The leading manufacturer of would class PET Blowing Machine is entering in to new Vertical of Tetra Pack Machines to meet the dynamically changing requirements of Packaging Industry. PET Plast India is not only a technology company but also have strong Value system, and is always ready to go an extra mile to help its customer grow, as the motto of the company is “We Grow, as our Customer Grow”.

The products are widely used in the packing field of milk, soya milk, beverage, juice, wine and purified water, shampoo, liquid medicine filling etc

Our Filling Machine Advantages

This machine is used for packing the UHT processed liquid food, including liquid milk, and other non-gas beverage, juice, coffee, plant protein drinks, tea drinks ,wine etc. All products hold a shelf life of 6 months.