PET bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate, a thermoplastic resin that comes from the polyester family. As such, it is relatively modern and is just a few decades old; in fact, the PET bottle was patented only in 1973. PET is an oil derivative and is made into bottles and containers through the injection stretch blow molding process. PET bottles are used by many industries, particularly the water and beverage industry and, to a smaller extent, the pharmaceutical industry.

PET bottle benefits

There are many reasons that PET bottles are very popular and in widespread use, among them being that PET bottles are:

· Transparent

· Lightweight

· Food safe

· Excellent barrier protection

· Strong

· Safe

· Recyclable

· Resealable

· Sustainable

· Reusable

· Shatter-proof

· Easier to transport

· Can be used for single person beverages or for larger bottles to be shared

· Easy product dispensing

· Lower transporting and warehousing costs

· Available in a range of shapes and sizes

· Can take various types of labels and printing

The PET bottle is environmentally friendly because it can be completely recycled. Modern PET bottles generate fewer greenhouse gases and use less energy. They can also be re-made into clothing, pillows, carpets, insulated coats and other products. In fact PET is more eco-friendly than aluminum or glass, which is the other option for beverages. With a 360° area, round or even square/rectangular PET bottles offer great branding opportunities. Labeling and branding can be done via roll-fed, stretch sleeve labels, shrink sleeve labels, no-heat shrink labels and others, including paper labels are that more environmentally friendly.

The product or products that you manufacture may require a specific size and shape of bottle. At M. Jacob & Sons we can source the bottles you want. We can design your PET bottle so that your container is one of a kind and offer the services of our design team to help you with label designing, bottle shape, closures and more.

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